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Fruit-Flavored E-Liquid

Who would have thought you could enjoy nicotine without the bitter taste of smoke and burning tobacco? Electronic cigarettes have opened the door for individuals who are quitting smoking or chewing tobacco, and they also allow you to try new flavors that only e-cigs make possible.

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ECV Blueberry 30ml ECV Blueberry 30ml
Our Price: $10.99

ECV Green Apple 30ml ECV Green Apple 30ml
Our Price: $10.99

ECV Kiwi Strawberry 30ml ECV Kiwi Strawberry 30ml
Our Price: $10.99

ECV Pomegranate 30ml ECV Pomegranate 30ml
Our Price: $10.99
ECV Watermelon 30ml ECV Watermelon 30ml
Our Price: $10.99

ECV Wild Cherry 30ml ECV Wild Cherry 30ml
Our Price: $10.99

ECV Grape Bubblegum 30ml ECV Grape Bubblegum 30ml
Our Price: $10.99

ECV Banana 30ml ECV Banana 30ml
Our Price: $10.99
ECV Banana 10ml ECV Banana 10ml
Our Price: $1.50
ECV Honeydew Melon 30ml ECV Honeydew Melon 30ml
Our Price: $10.99

ECV Mixed Berries 30ml E-Liquid ECV Mixed Berries 30ml
Our Price: $10.99


Great Fruit Flavors

Fun fruit e-liquid flavors are also a great choice for people who:

  • Are eager to add variety into their electronic cigarette experience
  • Want to try e-cigs but don’t like the taste of tobacco
  • Enjoy the taste of tobacco but want something different for special occasions
  • Enjoy matching fruit juice e-liquids with different types of food and beverages
  • Have adventurous tastes and tend to push the boundaries
  • Love the taste of fruit and sweets in any form

Try an Old Favorite or Create Your Own

Whether you’re taking a break from the tobacco flavored e-cigs, or you’re looking for a new way to enjoy nicotine, East Coast Vapor has you covered. Our fruit e-liquid flavors mimic the natural taste of fresh fruit and fruit juices. We carry classic flavors including blueberry, green apple, wild cherry, watermelon and more. We’re also not afraid to creatively run wild — we continually develop new fruit e-liquids ranging from mixed berries and citrus blends to honeydew melon.

When you want to experience something exciting and refreshing, the East Coast Vapor team is always developing new flavors. We offer popular fruit juice e-liquids such as peach smoothie and grape bubblegum. Have an idea for an outrageous fruit-flavored e-liquid? Let us know and we’ll do our best to add exactly what you’re looking for to our selection.

Find Your Favorite Fruit-Flavored eJuice

Try a new flavor for your e-cig by choosing a mystery flavor option, mixing and matching flavors, or finding your favorite fruit e-liquid. Browse the selection at East Coast Vapor, and place your order for fruit-flavored liquids today!