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Candy and Dessert-Flavored E-Liquids

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular every day, and it’s due in large part to the ability to combine your experience of enjoying nicotine with some of your favorite flavors. One of the great attributes of e-liquids is they can be made in just about any flavor you can imagine, even the sweet ones. In fact, new dessert and candy flavors for e-cigs are being developed all the time. East Coast Vapor offers a broad array of tempting candy and dessert-flavored liquids for any electronic cigarette user who also has a sweet tooth.

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Why Choose Dessert and Candy E-Liquids?

If you were on a game show and were asked to name things people enjoy after a satisfying meal, nicotine and something sweet would likely be at the top of the list. Thanks to electronic cigarettes and East Coast Vapor, you can combine these two favorite pastimes with dessert flavors and candy flavors for eCigs. You’ll get the sweet taste you desire without the high levels of fat and calories that go hand-in-hand with dessert.

Candy lovers can also rejoice over an ever-expanding selection of sweet flavors to suit just about any taste. We carry candy eLiquids that mimic flavors ranging from chocolate and black licorice to banana, fireball and root beer floats. Our selection of dessert flavors for e-cigs includes cheesecake, chocolate chip mint ice cream, blueberry crumble and orange creamsicle. Check back often and let us know what your favorite dessert flavors are — we’re always testing new recipes, so we can continue to expand your options.

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